AI IN HR Tech: What You Need To Know

AI IN HR Tech: What You Need To Know

Will artificial intelligence remove the human element from Human resources (HR]? While AI has become a valuable resource for many HR leaders, it raises concerns about its potential to automate employee interaction. Currently, AI is utilized for various tasks in human resources, such as managing records and payroll, facilitating recruitment, onboarding new employees, and managing performance reviews.

There is potential for deploying sophisticated AI systems that can perform complex operations like employee relations management or salary negotiations. However, integrating these technologies into business processes poses certain risks, including tool limitations and cyberattack vulnerability.

This blog aims to guide HR professionals and employers who seek to integrate AI-powered tools into their workflows by highlighting how these advancements can improve existing practices while providing essential considerations before investing in this technology.

AI Is Winning Trust

According to a recent Oracle and Future Workplace study, 64% of individuals trust robots more than their managers. The study, which surveyed 8,370 employees, managers, and HR leaders across ten countries, found that the use of AI in the workplace alters how people relate to technology and impacts the responsibilities of HR teams and managers regarding talent acquisition, retention, and development.


AI in HR: Simplifies Tasks and Boosts Productivity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the Human Resource industry by streamlining several processes. With AI's support, HR professionals can now automate mundane and time-consuming activities, enabling them to focus on more complex assignments.

Many companies have embraced chatbots and virtual assistants, allowing employees to obtain real-time responses to their queries, regardless of location. The technology even directs individuals to legal documentation or experts for further guidance if necessary.

Moreover, AI offers customized social benefits based on an employee's profile; it verifies the accuracy of all declarations before issuing them while processing salary payments efficiently. All while ensuring consistency throughout essential procedures related to staff operations in businesses across industries worldwide.

AI in HR Technology Helps Reduced Cost

The utilization of AI in HR technology has led to a decrease in costs. With AI-powered software, vast amounts of data can be analyzed to detect patterns and trends, which allows for proposals on cost-effective solutions. For instance, from the analysis conducted through AI, information about sources that generate high-quality applicants can facilitate allocating the hiring budget or discontinuing ineffective recruitment channels.

According to McKinsey's Global AI Survey, 27 percent of respondents involved in human resources stated that their adoption of AI reduced costs by less than 10 percent. In addition, another group consisting of 23 percent explained an average increase ranging from 6-10% in revenue. The areas surveyed were performance management and organization design, workforce deployment, and talent management optimization.


AI Can Simplify Recruitment

AI can simplify recruitment by managing applications and identifying suitable candidates. Chatbots can ask pre-recorded questions to gather candidate information, freeing time for more critical tasks.

Algorithms analyze job offers and target the best-suited CVs via job-searching platforms from internal and external databases. These tools are helpful for companies with high volumes of application processing but have limitations in recruiting for complex positions. 

However, views differ among HR managers regarding the added value of AI in recruitment, with some seeing it as assistance in selecting candidates while others remain skeptical.

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In addition, Recruitorr offers crucial insights into what questions HR personnel should ask potential candidates during interviews.  

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